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Professora Carolyn

Casa Samba 35

Mestre Curtis Pierre

New Orleans Ambassador of Afro Brasilian Cultures

Commemorating Mestre Curtis and Professora Carol Pierre

for their dedication to AFR0-Brasilian culture since 1986 AND CASA SAMBA’S 35TH-year anniversary

Featuring the afro cultures of carnival and their parading traditions

performing artistS

New Orleans Brasil Day Performing Artists

Location The
NOLA Jazz Museum

New Orleans Food  and Brasilian Food

• Brasilian music, drumming and dance workshops

• Cultural interventions

• Brazilian food and crafts

• Round tables

• Live music

Young Men Olympains

DA Truth Brass Band

Big Chief Kevin & The Flaming Arrows

Big Chief Honey 

Big Chief Shaka

Baby Dolls

Free Spirit Stilt Dancers 

Capoeira New Orleans
Mestre Cocada

Pan Vibrations

Kai Knight
Silhouette Dance Ensemble

Herlin Riley Quartet

Geovane Santos

Ki Kongo Mestre
Themba Mashama

Blake Amos

James Andrews

Ben Hunter

Lisa Romana Orange

Jorge Alabe Chief Master Drummer

Os Dois Mestres do Bateria do Salguiero Guilherme and Gustavo

Sabrina Ginga
Passista  Do Salgueiro

Rosangela SilvestreAfro-Brasilian Dance/Silvestre-Technique

Marcio Pereira Jazz Musician do Salvador,Bahia

Cissa Paz